Why We Own a Pug

Peanut our first pug.

After deciding that owning a dog would enrich our daughter’s lives (ages 6 and 3) and help them develop a sense of responsibility and selflessness, we started to look at different breeds and a groomer in the neighborhood recommended Pugs because they are a smaller size for younger children, without being delicate, and they have a calmer disposition. After much research and deliberation, we settled on having a pug as our first dog. Our first pug, Peanut, was a fawn colored pug (tan with a black face) and he was a special part of our family and my daughter’s childhoods for 11 years (1999 to 2010). Now, we have Chip, a black pug, who is 9 year’s old and running the house and enriching our lives daily now that our daughter’s are grown (ages 26 and 23). Below you can read about the top reasons we chose to be dog parents to two Pugs the past 19 years.

Characteristics of a Pug

Pugs are classified as a toy/companion breed and usually between 12-30 lbs and 10-15 inches from the floor to the top of their shoulders. Their compact stature was most desirable to us because when we started talking about having a dog, our youngest daughter who was 3 years old at the time, would say, “Not a big dog…right Dad?” So we knew we needed to look for a smaller breed. Pugs fit that need without being too delicate because even though they are small in stature they are compact and sturdy. A smaller dog was also attractive because they require a smaller area to sleep and play, they don’t eat large amounts of food thus, easier on the budget, and they have a smaller mouth and teeth which makes them virtually harmless, our youngest daughter’s concern. And it goes with out saying they also have smaller poops to pick up.

Another characteristic was that pugs have fur not hair and would not need to be groomed which is another expense with other breeds. Especially the small toy breeds. Although, we have made it a habit of taking our pugs to the groomer because they do need to have their nails clipped every 2-3 weeks and regular baths help keep the shedding controlled. These are items that can be done yourself but we found that the grooming experience also helps our pugs develop their socialization skills with other dogs and care givers.


Pugs are good family dogs because they love attention and affection. Especially, when our girls were little this was important to us. We knew that we could not control the fact that our girls were going to want to touch, cuddle and hold our dog and we needed a breed that would be okay with this. Pugs live to please and are very loyal. This quality was perfect for a growing family because it made the introduction of the new pet into the family unit easy. Finally, Pugs are laid back and versatile which also made the breed the perfect fit for us because when we have extended family, that come over to visit, the pug would be accepting and not protective of our home or family members.


Pugs are calm and trainable dogs. Sometimes it is said that pugs are stubborn but it is more like they are persistent and this is the quality you can use to your advantage when training them. With patience, routine and plenty of treats, this breed can be trained to be obedient and entertaining. Pugs for the most part are low energy dogs which translates to only needing short walks and quick play times to use up their energy. These were attractive features especially when our lives were consumed with our girls activities and we didn’t have a lot of extra time to devote to tiring out a pet so that they would behave.


Pugs have the most playful and affectionate personalities which makes you instantly bond with them. They are very attentive and want to please you so you are instantly fond of them and this helped our daughters feel close to our pugs from day one. Even the extended family and friends found our pugs easy to love from the moment they met them. Pugs are simply adorable, comical and entertaining their entire lives. Their eyes and faces are very expressive almost as if they are “speaking” to you.

In summary, owning a Pug was the perfect choice for us; so much so, that we have done it twice.

I hope that this has helped you considering owning a pug yourself. If you already own a Pug, I would love to hear if you went through a similar process to choose a Pug.


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6 thoughts on “Why We Own a Pug”

    1. Thank you for reading the post. Chip and Peanut were very special pugs and having little ones of them in this world would be special. Breeding pugs is a calling. Thank you for your comment. Pug Love, Robben

  1. This is amazing. I love that you put it online. Everything you write about pugs and their personality I can agree with. Chip is a very lucky pug to be owned by you. Keep going. Lots of pug love from Germany 🙂

    1. robbenmartinez

      Thank you for taking the time to check out the blog. I am happy that you agreed with the information about pugs. I am also happy to have friends with the same love of Pugs. Thank you so much for the comment. Pug Love, Robben

  2. Excellent summary of the pug life! They have amazing, unique personalities for sure. 🙂 I am on pug #4. Two were from a breeder and two were adopted toward the end of their lives. All were precious and total characters! -Lydia

    1. robbenmartinez

      Thank you for taking the time to check out my new blog and for making a comment. I am so happy you agree with the pug life as I have portrayed it. Pugs are a special breed that give endless love and entertainment. Please keep following, I appreciate your input. Pug love, Robben

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