Pictures of Chip as a Puppy

Chip loved toys from the beginning. Playing was his work.

After Chip played he napped. Rest is important for a growing puppy.

Chip also needed lots of attention from his family and friends to help him to understand that he was loved and belonged.

2 thoughts on “Pictures of Chip as a Puppy”

  1. Hi Chip, it’s Bentley’s mom. We love seeing your daily posts and love seeing your baby pics! Bentley is also my second pug, we lost Zeus 2 years ago at 15 1/2! You little guys are so sweet and so cute! Look forward to seeing more of your pics growing up!
    ~ Susie & Bentley

    1. robbenmartinez

      Thank you so much for checking out the blog and for leaving such a sweet comment. We also love following Bentley on Instagram. That is wonderful that you had Zeus for 15 1/2 years! I am grateful to have friends like you and Bentley. Pug Love,
      Robben & Chip

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