Noise Anxiety Solution

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Noise Anxiety looks different with each dog. Chip has extreme anxiety when he hears strong wind, thunder or heavy rain against the windows and then he barks uncontrollably and spins in circles. When he starts, it is very hard to stop him. Therefore, we have our phones set to send us weather updates which usually come with enough notice to get him “dressed” in his Thundershirt, put him in his area (the laundry room) and turn the music on. Here in Colorado, the storms can last for minutes up to hours. We tried to use sedatives prescribed by our vet but those lasted 4 to 6 hours and rendered Chip so lethargic that it didn’t seem fair. So after some research we came upon The Thundershirt. This shirt is a drug free way to address the anxiety by swaddling your pet and applying constant pressure and comfort. This coat is great because if it is predicted to be a stormy day and we are going to be out of the house, we will “dress” Chip, put him in his area (the laundry room) and turn on some music and we know that if it does storm he will be “prepared” which we could never do with sedatives. Sometimes we also take Chip down to the basement, where it is harder to hear the storms and snuggle him down there. (See the picture below.) At times, we will also give Chip his Kong toy filled with treats or peanut butter and this helps to distract him. Comfort and distraction seem to be key in helping Chip deal with the anxiety he has when he hears a storm. Check out the Thundershirt if your pet has noise anxiety. We believe it is very helpful.

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