Last week Chip’s bed sprung a hole from being used for four years. The fabric literally wore out. This is the bed that Chip sleeps in every night and it gets washed at least every two weeks. So it was time to search for a new bed.

Chip in his old bed. If you look closely you can see on the bottom where it needed to be sewn to keep it from falling apart.

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Requirements for a Bed

There are a few requirements that a bed needs to meet. First, it needs to be comfy and fluffy with high sides, as Chip likes to hide his face into the sides when he sleeps. Secondly, it needs to be larger than his other beds so that he can stretch out and still be in his bed (not hanging off the sides). Finally, it needs to be washable because it is where he spends his night time hours and it can get smelly and dirty. I usually look for Chip’s beds at the store (Walmart, Target, Costco, Home Goods or TJ Max) but since we are trying to limit our activities outside of the house during the COVID pandemic, I decided to shop on Amazon. They have many to select from and the choice was difficult but I finally came down to this one. This bed was my first choice because it had the high sides and it was fluffy and comfy. The measurements were perfect for Chip when he stretches out during his sleep. And because the stuffing is removable it will be super easy to wash and keep fresh. Of course, I couldn’t resist the little pillow that came with it.

Chip is comfy in his new bed!

Once the Bed Arrived

It only took four days to arrive (thank goodness for Amazon). I was impressed how it arrived in a tight roll with very easy instructions. The material for the covering is very heavy (almost canvas like), yet the outside is a soft sort of suede, and the zippers are very sturdy. The pillows are fluffy and the covering on them is also a strong fabric. I laid out the cover and pillows on the floor and followed the instructions for assembly. This was a straight forward process. Of course, Chip helped me every step of the way and he and I are very pleased with this bed. We recommend it!