It's a Pug Pawty

It’s a Pug Pawty

In October, 2019, after being on Instagram for one year, I decided it would be fun to invite some of Chip’s Denver area Instagram followers and their pugs over for a Pug Pawty! When I sent out the DM’s (Direct Messages) to each account, I was pleasantly surprised at the positive response. Each person was excited to meet up and play. On the day of the party, we had 5 pug guests: Archie, Bogey, Phoebe, Rooney and Sully and 7 humans. I held it in our backyard so that the pugs could play off leash. Chip did not have any trouble sharing his backyard which made it less stressful. I was sure to have plenty of poop bags, treats (Mini Milk Bones), and bowls of water on hand. And for the humans, we also served some sugar cookies in the shape of pug faces. There was a lot of running, wrestling and panting. The pugs playing lasted for about 2 hours while friendships were made among the humans. Fun was had by all!

To follow the adventures of Chip’s friends who attended the party, look them up on Instagram @pugnotes, @thepinknosepug, @rooney.thepugmix and @thedenvergrumble.

It was a Pawty to remember!!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Pug Pawty”

  1. Archie, Fred & I had the BEST time at your party!
    We loved spending time with your family and met so many wonderful friends!
    Thank you so much for bring us all together!
    Melissa and Archie

    1. robbenmartinez

      Thank you for coming to the party! It was wonderful to meet Archie, Fred and you. Hopefully, we can have another Pug Pawty in 2020! Pug Love to everyone, Robben and Chip

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