Pug Parenting Posts

Ambassadors for LOVE

Pugs are the perfect ambassadors for LOVE because: they are unique from each other even though they are all pugs, they are loving and attentive by nature and they are a very approachable breed. This is why I published a notebook with the message “Be Good To Everyone” with Chip’s picture on it.This notebook is the perfect place to celebrate your goals and dreams, document special life events or travels, track important tasks or thoughts or to just organize your life. It would also be the perfect gift for the Pug Lover in your life.

Noise Anxiety Solution

The Thundershirt as helped Chip with his noise anxiety. When he hears thunder or heavy rain or wind on the windows he immediately starts to bark and turn in circles. Once he has his Thundershirt on and we turn on music to drown out the sounds he is able to calm down. We are grateful we are able to help him.