About me

My Story

I was born in October of 2010 in Colorado Springs, Colorado to Lily and Champ, two black pugs. My human family came to pick me up on December 10th and took me to my forever home in Littleton, Colorado, a suburb southwest of Denver. 

I have two sister’s, Jordan and Amanda, who, at the time of my adoption, were 17 and 14. I am the second pug my family has had. Peanut was their first pug who lived a happy life with them for 11 years.

I love to snuggle, go on walks, and play with my family. I can be a very helpful pug. I help with homework, yard projects, laundry, cooking and anything else that needs to be done.

Life in Littleton, Colorado is great and full of terrific things to do. 

Thanks for reading this Blog and please leave your email so that we can keep in touch regularly.     – Chip

Meet My Family

My pug parents, Lily and Champ.

My human parents, Chris and Robben and my human sisters, Jordan and Amanda.