Chip a Precious Pug

Be Good To Everyone

Hi, I’m Chip A Precious Pug

I am a 9 year old male black pug. I am the second pug my family has had. They had Peanut, a male fawn pug, for 11 years. I am full of energy, very loving, and have an almost human personality. The latter is why my mom, Robben, wants to write about me.

Hi, I am Robben – Chip’s mom

I am a mom to two grown daughters and the wife to an incredible man. Through my 20 years of Pug ownership, I have learned many lessons and gained a lot of information as it is related to pugs. Because of this, I hope that I can be a resource for other Pug owners. I hope that the pictures and stories I share through this blog can bring joy and the information can be helpful. I hope you enjoy the content and together we can create an on-line community.

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